Is Real Estate the Right Career For You? A Conversation With A Real Estate Agent | Michael Ackerman

I just had the honor and privilege to sit down for a chat with Yoel Gilman from Clearfo about what it is like to be a real estate agent. What is Clearfo? It is a new way to get information about an industry or career path that you may be considering starting. Do you want to become an airline pilot? Dentist? Real estate agent? Look up Clearfo on YouTube  – press play on your desired topic, and hear from people who are already working in that industry. This is a great way to get the inside perspective on working in fields that Yoel’s guests are already a part of. Enjoy! Thank you Yoel for a fun hour of conversation, connection and a few laughs! #realestate #realestatelife #career #seattlerealestate #whatisitlike