Fremont pic

Homes available in Fremont       
This neighborhood is a self-styled “republic” of free thinking, the undisputed epicenter of funkiness in Seattle. Fremont is home to the world’s only public sculpture of a troll under a bridge devouring a Volkswagen.

It’s a fun and eclectic neighborhood with antique shops next to one-of-a-kind stores, great cafes, and retro bars — and the year-round Sunday Market offering crafts, a flea market, a farmer’s market, bread, and other goodies.

It also hosts the annual Summer Solstice parade each June, complete with belly dancing, streaking cyclists, and lots of amusing visual puns, like people dressed as Scissors Running. The orange-and-blue Fremont Bridge, one of four drawbridges into North Seattle, provides free entry into the Fremont state of mind.




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