Madrona pic

Current Homes  in Madrona                 

Homesteaded in the 1860’s, Madrona is known for its racial diversity and integration. It is a small neighborhood located on the west side of Interstate 90.

Over the last couple decades, housing values in this tight knit community have increased dramatically. You will find a comfortable mix of homes in this area ranging from modest bungalows to opulent high end properties. Homes near Lake Washington command an even higher price and there is a high degree of home ownership.

The community residents care about their community–a group has restored  the 9.2 acre Madrona Woods Park which included native habitat restoration, trail construction and creek daylighting and restoration.

Madrona’s charming commercial area offers excellent shops and  dining options, including  local favorites  – The Hi-Spot Café and St. Clouds.




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